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Chi Chi Crunch with Mushroom and Cubed Sirloin Steak

I Love this simple and delicious recipe that I created many years ago, and everyone loved  it!  Let's begin!  Sirloin Steak. I use sirloin steak but any good steak would be good... Read More

Chicken Piccata with Artichokes Pasta

Chicken breasts  * Olive oil * Garlic chopped ( it’s ok without it too ) * All purpose flour * Sea Salt ( or Chicken Bouillon, or your prefer seasonings ) * Jarred artichokes & its... Read More

How to Eat Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oils & How to Choose Chili Oils

Chili Oils Are Not Just For Asian Dishes Sometimes people ask us how to eat chili oil, what should I use it with?, or can I cook with it.? The answer is nice and simple - you can eat chili oil with a... Read More

Every Refugee or Immigrant's Life Around The World Is Worth Saving - Our Story Part 2

  My mother - Miss Tseng Yen - the award-winning writer, a mentor, she retired as an editor of Taiwan Youth Daily News and published about 30 well-known books.   The first time I visited ... Read More

Thai Bird Eye Chili - Why I Love Them So Much And Use It In All Our Chili Oils - The Soothing Tastes of A Broken Childhood

Our Story PART 1.   I was born in Thailand, my parents were from China. Although we've only spent short years in Thailand, it always has a soft and sweet spot in my heart! And even though I wa... Read More

Delicious Chili Oils From Our Neighborhood Barbecues to Around The World

Hi, I am Chi Chi Bolton founder of Chi Chi Pepper Products, Inc.  Our Sunday Barbecues At Mariners Village in Marina Del Rey, CA A few years ago when l lived in Marina del Rey, California, I ma... Read More